Inspired by a photo album of Virginie’s family, this show features a collection of songs telling the stories of the people in the photo album.

The live show is devised to be performed on a large stage, with a cinema screen placed behind and above the band. The band performs the songs synchronised to a silent movie, Faded Prints. 

The movie has its own narrative: two young girls discover memorabilia in their attic and ponder about their findings. Starting with the photo album and a record collection, they go on to empty out old suitcases and make surprising discoveries related to the characters in the songs. The film’s aim is to create an atmosphere, a backdrop to the songs which also have their own narratives.

We will  be playing this show live from 2022.


In addition, a vocal performance was filmed and recorded live on to a DAW, at Virginie’s home studio, to the music performed by the band and previously recorded at Toucan Music Recording Studio. The footage of the vocal performance was subsequently edited with images of the band filmed during the recording sessions, some backing vocals, and some extracts from the film. The video attempts to be as faithful as possible to the concept of the show. It will be played online to launch the album internationally.

The show and the album tell real life stories, celebrating childhood memories and the beauty of life in all its light and shade, across time, across continents.

The new album will be available on CD and vinyl.