[...] What a beautiful portrait Laughing With The Raindrops has painted with Afro-Caribbean infused tonalities, image evoking lyrics, and variant instrumentation that just flows with balanced harmonies, free vocals, octaves, and scales.  You can be sad, happy, or could be feeling ambivalent towards something in life, but I guarantee, Laughing With The Raindrops has the song to adjust that emotion[...] Lakisha D Skinner, KLEF NOTES, US

[...]“Terra Incognita,” approaches sophisticated pop, but never really crosses that threshold. The song is a blend of harmonic progressions with an amazing horn section and singers, who together add a Chicago meets jazzed-out Steely Dan quality [...] Paul J Wolfe, MUSIC INTERVIEW MAGAZINE®, US

It really is a fabulous piece of work...you should be very proud of it 🙂 The songs are beautifully written, the performances immaculate and classy and the production is rich, polished yet wonderfully organic!  Lee Pugh from The Puss Puss Band, Cardiff, Wales, UK   

Two of my all-time favourite song writers, Bernard Lavilliers and Donald Fagen have had a love child: it's [Virginie]! My favourite track is Hide Away, but they're all fab, and the arrangements are so luscious. Steve Knight, Jazz musician - London, UK