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” The writing is so good that it almost feels disorientating to emerge on the other side of it in the real world you left behind as you found yourself immersed into that ‘Voice On Shellac’

Mr. yack – Yack Magazine

“And what a fine storyteller Virginie Lacour-Puiboube is.” – Jane Mann – London Jazz News

album cover

NEW LP Voice on Shellac

“I was introduced to Laughing with the Raindrops years ago, and their music never ceases to amaze me. What I noticed about their latest work is that it is very cerebral, yet vulnerable and relatable. If you are in London (UK) area, make sure to catch Laughing with the Raindrops at one, or all, of these upcoming live dates:”

 Lakisha Skinner –Klef Notes

What a beautiful portrait Laughing With The Raindrops has painted with Afro-Caribbean infused tonalities, image evoking lyrics, and variant instrumentation that just flows with balanced harmonies, free vocals, octaves, and scales.  You can be sad, happy, or could be feeling ambivalent towards something in life, but I guarantee, Laughing With The Raindrops has the song to adjust that emotion[...] 
Lakisha D Skinner
It really is a fabulous piece of work...you should be very proud of it 🙂 The songs are beautifully written, the performances immaculate and classy and the production is rich, polished yet wonderfully organic!
Lee Pugh
The Puss Puss band, UK
Contemporary, soothing and occasionally fusion-like, with a samba jazz-bossa nova vibe, are some of the ways to describe Laughing With The Raindrops [...] “Terra Incognita,” approaches sophisticated pop, but never really crosses that threshold. The song is a blend of harmonic progressions with an amazing horn section and singers, who together add a Chicago meets jazzed-out Steely Dan quality.
Paul J Wolfe
[…]Looking ahead, the musician wants to engage more with the fans and as such is focused on more live shows in the coming months. Besides that, she and her band will be in the studio making more wonderful music.
Urban Craft