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‘Virginie Still ‘Laughing With The Raindrops’ 5 Years Later’

[…]Looking ahead, the musician wants to engage more with the fans and as such is focused on more live shows in the coming months. Besides that, she and her band will be in the studio making more wonderful music.

Lakisha D Skinner


‘Laughing With The Raindrops’

 […]These cats have been making some smoking music together for quite a few years from the streets of London onto other parts of the globe.  Their diverse charisma, Caribbean fused rhythms, and serious harmonies make this CD unforgettable, and their close-knit camaraderie shows in their final product.


Megastar Gongle


WARNING: The tone is humorous.

“Virginie who lives in Londinium originates from Paris so to make her feel at home I interviewed her wearing a beret with a string of onions round my neck. She also pointed out that I smell of garlic and Gauloises – well I aim to please:-)”


Nadege Alezine


Laughing With The Raindrops

[…] “Elle qui définit son univers musical comme un « quiet storm », avoue qu’il y a de bien nombreux musiciens qui ont influencé sa musique, de Stevie Wonder, à Steely Dan, en passant par des artistes français, comme Claude Nougaro”[…]

Paul J Wolfe


‘Laughing With The Raindrops’

[…]Contemporary, soothing and occasionally fusion-like, with a samba jazz-bossa nova vibe, are some of the ways to describe Laughing With The Raindrops. The group’s sound involves “Real instruments, real players” and is “one-hundred percent original.” […]

Ghostly Beard


The Beards Corner: ‘Laughing With The Raindrops -Any Joke’

[…]an easy-going groove which is really Virginie’s trademark style, tight and loose at the same time, and now we’re introduced to the tenor sax from Derek Nash and tasty guitar lines from Virginie herself[…]


Bob Levoy


‘Laughing With The Raindrops Self-Titled Album’

[…]I am very impressed on how well this album was written, performed, recorded and produced. If you are a jazz fan, or looking for something to listen to relax, this is definitely the perfect album for you. 




Many thanks to the fantastic Radio stations for having Laughing With The Raindrops featured, interviewed or on rotation.

Album of the Month on The Steve Luff Show

LAUGHING WITH THE RAINDROPS was 'Featured Album of the Month' in August 2017 on Steve Luff's Thursday night Show on Back Cat 107 FM for St Neots.

The After Eight Show

Hide Away was featured with a special introduction on The After Eight Show on 21st September 2017, a fabulous Radio show and Podcast broadcast across the World and featuring substantial new music that is not on mainstream radio.

Andy Bungay's Show

The big Radio Interview was a Christmas 2016 feature on Andy Bungay's Show on Wandsworth Radio. Listen to the edited version here part one and part two:

The Big Radio Interview

The Jazz Lounge

Grace Black hosts The Jazz Lounge on K107FM in Scotland. She was one of the first people to offer airplay only a couple of days after the album was launched! It was truly wonderful to hear our music for the first time on Grace's show. Grace also sometimes has guests for live performance in her studio and we've been invited a 'wee live spot' there.

Ally's Attic Show

Ally invites many artists to come and talk about their life and projects on her show. She is a wonderful host and this is a very long interview ...

Ally’s Attic Show